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Ballina Byron Carpet Cleaning have the tools and expertise to steam clean virtually every type of upholstery in existence. Our professional technicians make sure that embedded dirt and grit are completely removed from upholstered furniture to restore colour and revive your upholstery.

It’s more than just keeping your furniture or car looking good though. Over time, stains can affect fiber quality and cause them to become stiff, itchy, or abrasive. Embedded dirt and germs which are stirred up into the air anytime someone sits on an upholstered chair or couch can possibly make you and your household sick and trigger allergy/ asthma reactions reducing your indoor air quality.

Routine upholstery cleaning will ensure a safe and healthy home. Keep your furniture looking newer and feeling soft and comfy for much longer. Which in turn, saves you the cost of having to frequently replace.

When it comes to keeping your furniture in great condition, it’s important to have intensive, yet gentle upholstery cleaning from a trustworthy professional. Call us today!